Am I eligible for a Cadenza apartment?

After registration, potential tenants are matched to the available apartments. One important criterion is that your income needs to be sufficient to pay the rent. Income guidelines have been drawn up for this purpose. To prevent disappointment, please use the guidelines below to calculate if you are eligible. As soon as the price list becomes available, you will be able to calculate exactly how high your gross monthly income needs to be to rent the apartment of your choice.

It is also necessary that you do not have a negative registration with the Office for Credit Registration (BKR). Unsure if you have a negative BKR registration or not? Submit a request to the BKR to view your credit information. You can request this information online using a secured iDIN login. This is a login linked to your bank’s online banking system. What if your bank does not support iDIN? Then you can download the application form and request a copy of your information that way.

Income guidelines

For a net monthly rent of up to €600, the following rule applies: 4.5 times the net monthly rent

For amounts over €600 the following applies: 3 times the net monthly rent. Add it all up to get the required gross monthly income. The income of any co-tenant is 100% included in this calculation. The calculation example below explains how these rules work in practice for a net monthly rent of €800.

€600,- x 4.5 = 2,700
€200,- x 3    = 600 +  
Added up:     = 3,300

The required joint gross monthly income for a home that costs €800 a month is €3,300. How can you calculate your gross monthly income and which fixed costs do you need to deduct from this amount? Read more below.

Calculate gross monthly income

I am in paid employment
– Gross annual salary divided by 12
– Holiday allowance, fixed bonus, fixed 13th month all count
– Flexible bonuses, profit distribution and car lease reimbursement do not count

I am on benefits
– Gross annual benefit divided by 12
– Holiday allowance may be included in determining your gross annual income

I am retired
– A lower required income applies for retirees because of a lower tax rate. The taxable income of retirees can be increased by 30%.

I have capital
– 10% of your disposable assets on a Dutch bank account may be added to your annual income.

When calculating your monthly costs, keep in mind repayments for any debts (other than mortgage repayments), student loans or child or spousal support. 

Documents check and credit check

Final matching will be based on the information provided by you on your income and housing preferences. It is therefore important that you fill out the registration form fully and truthfully. All details are confirmed using a documents check and a credit check. This is because one of the conditions is that you may not have a negative registration with the Office for Credit Registration (BKR). Are you unsure whether or not you have a negative BKR registration? Please submit a request to the BKR to view your information.