How does renting online work?

Cadenza’s homes are rented out digitally. This means that every step in the process takes place online. From the completion of the registration form, to uploading the required documents, the allocation of the home and signing the contract. If there are multiple suitable candidates for a home, then matching is determined by a digital draw.

You have found your dream home and would like to register. Renting out online also means: online registration. You can register online whenever it suits you and you don’t even have to leave the house. Convenient, right? Below you can see an overview of the process in 5 steps.

Step 1: Online registration

Once we open registration, you will be able to register via this website. We will request your personal details during registration. Of course your personal information will be handled carefully and we will not share them with third parties. We will only use this information to determine if you are entitled to rent one of our homes. We will create an online customer file for you once your registration form has been completed.

Step 2: The online customer file

Log in to your personal customer file and make sure to keep your login information safe. The customer file is a secure environment, where you can add information to your personal customer file and change any preferences if necessary. This is also the place to upload all requested documents and to view the progress of the online process.

Step 3: Collecting documents

Depending on your income situation, we will require a number of documents to complete your registration. Please make sure you start collecting these documents on your computer ahead of time. Different documents are needed for different income situations.


Step 4: Upload your documents

Login to your personal file to get started! Make sure to upload valid documents into your personal file. Read more about document requirements here. Any documents provided by e-mail cannot be processed, they must be uploaded.


Step 5: Changing your preferences

Have any of your apartment preferences changed in the meantime? No problem! Simply make the changes to your customer file. Based on this information, we will then determine which home you are eligible for. Our job is creating the perfect match!